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Cannabis Terpenes 101: Exploring The Benefits Of Caryophyllene

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This article is our second profile of pure, all-natural terpenes for use on cannabis and in cannabis-derived products. We believe it’s important for cannabis consumers to learn more about the power of terpenes and the different ways they can be used to elevate your cannabis experience.

We’re slowly working our way through the medicinally-beneficial terpenes used in our aroma and flavoring products, identifying their sources, benefits, and the ways they can be used to enhance your favorite cannabis products. Read our previous profile of the terpene myrcene here, or keep reading to discover this week’s terpene of choice: caryophyllene!

Remember our terpenes are not derived from cannabis, but from other natural sources. Still, they’re terpenes that can be found in cannabis, meaning they’ll compliment your favorite strains perfectly.

Where Do Caryophyllene Terpenes Come From?

  • Black Pepper
  • Black Caraway
  • Lavender
  • Cloves
  • Hops
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Cannabis

This powerful terpenes comes in two main forms, beta caryophyllene, also commonly seen as β-Caryophyllene or abbreviated to BCP, and trans-caryophyllene or TC. BCP, arguably the more common of the two, is unique because it is both a terpene and a “dietary cannabinoid,” a food-stuff which acts as a cannabinoid and binds to CB2 receptors. This means that even though caryophyllene terpenes aren’t necessarily derived from cannabis, and produce none of its psychoactive effects on their own, they can deliver medicinal benefits.

Flavor/Aroma Profile Of Caryophyllene Terpenes

So what do caryophyllene terpenes taste and smell like? What essences will they impart to your cannabis concentrates, edibles, and flowers?

This terpene has a flavor that’s often described as spicy, peppery, or woody flavor and emits a sweet, woody, spicy clove-like aroma.

Medicinal Uses For Caryophyllene Terpenes

Pain Relief - Past research has demonstrated caryophyllene’s value as a local anaesthetic. More recent research shows that BCP is “highly effective in the treatment of long lasting, debilitating pain states,” and recommends that it be used as a substitute for the highly-addictive pharmaceuticals used to treat chronic pain.

Antidepressant - With half the world on antidepressants these days, it may interest you to learn that a recent study found BCP to relieve symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

May Inhibit Growth Of Cancerous Cells - A 2007 study found that BCP increased the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drug Paclitaxel, while 2014 study found that BCP surpresses tumor growth.

Fights Oxidation - When they come into contact with free radicals, some of our body’s cells may function poorly or even die. BCP has been shown to act as an antioxidant in the body, fighting back against these free radicals that speed signs of aging.

Protects Brain And Nervous System From Damage - Neuroinflammation and cerebral ischemia (a lack of oxygen to the brain) are no match for TC, which has been shown to reduce both.


Beta caryophyllene benefits come in large part from the presence of the copaiba essential oil, which is rich in the sesquiterpenes copaene, bergamotene and humulene. Copaene is a powerful antioxidant providing protection against environmental stress. Bergamotene supports the immune system when taken internally, and humulene boosts the body’s inflammatory response.

Each of these sesquiterpenes pack a range of beneficial health properties in isolation, and are accentuated in combination thanks to synergy. While further research is still ongoing, there is substantial evidence that copaiba essential oil supports both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Which Cannabis Strains Contain Caryophyllene?

Hash Plant, OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Chemdawg, and Skywalker OG are all commonly known to be strains that are high in caryophyllene terpenes, although it may be found in lower quantities in other strains.

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