Terpene Info

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aroma molecules that exist naturally in plants and animals. They are the building blocks of smell and taste.  But this is only part of the significance of terpenes.  Many plants will have several, sometimes 10 or 20 terpenes present that comprise their aromas. Cannabis, one of the most complex plant species on the planet, has been found to possess over 200 different recognized terpenes. Each strain has unique terpene profiles and ratios which give rise to highly variable medicinal properties. To put it another way, the variance in medicinal properties across strains is due in large part to terpene composition. Terpenes also have synergistic effects (1+1 >2) when consumed with cannabanoids (especially CBD, but also THC to a lesser extent).

Why are True Blue’s food-grade terpenes important?

Most cannabis concentrates are largely devoid of terpene content due to the drying and extraction that takes place during their production. This process not only robs you of taste and flavor but more importantly, the medicinal effects that you are seeking. By reintroducing the right terpenes in the right ratio, it’s possible to bring life back to your cannabis concentrates and enjoy an infinitely better experience.

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