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Cannabis News: The Canna-Buzz About Canna-Bees

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First of all, we apologize for the appalling title of the blog - but how could we not capitalize on that opportunity? Second of all, let’s talk about bees and marijuana. At True Blue Terpenes, we love seeing new innovations in the cannabis industry, and so today we want to share an innovation we recently heard of.

What Happens When You Cross A Beekeeper With A Cannabis Enthusiast?

We’re glad you asked. You get a Frenchman who goes by the name of Nicolas Trainerbees. Nicolas earned the nickname “Trainerbees” over twenty years ago due to his passion for training all animals, but above all, bees.

The news broke last year that Nicolas apparently discovered a way to train bees to exhibit certain behaviors. In this case, he has trained them to feed on cannabis flowers and produce honey from the resin, which contains some of the plant’s THC.

Capitalizing On Medicinal Properties

So how did Nicolas get involved in cannabis? He claims that he left school in his youth because the system labeled his hyperactivity as “unsuitable” for a classroom environment. According to Nicolas, he began consuming cannabis products before the age of ten to help him calm down and focus. This led to a lifelong passion for the plant and all things natural. Eventually, this love of natural things transformed into a particular passion for beekeeping. When he realized that the products bees produce, from wax to honey, have medicinal properties just like marijuana, he decided to combine his two passions.

Do Bees Like Cannabis?

Bees search for flowers that produce high amounts of nutritious nectar, which cannabis does not do. Since cannabis is pollinated by the wind blowing pollen to other plants, there is no necessary reproductive reason for bees to visit the plants, so cannabis has not evolved to attract bees. However, Trainerbees trained his bees to feed on the cannabis resin by adding sugar to the buds to attract the bees, with the thought that the bees could use it to make honey, which has medicinal benefits to humans as is. Nicolas believed that doing this would allow the bees to create an entirely natural product that provided the health benefits of both honey and marijuana. There is still more research to be done on the exact levels of THC in this so-called “cannahoney,” but the honey does apparently have psychoactive effects on humans, meaning this could soon be a way for people to consume cannabis in a 100% natural manner with no additional ingredients, supplies, or processing.

We know what you’re dying to ask: Do the bees get high? The answer is, thankfully, no - making this a safe process for the bees. Bees do not have endocannabinoid systems - the receptors in the brain that are targeted by the psychoactive element in cannabis, THC. This means that the cannabis has no effect on the bee, other than providing a food source like any other plant would. After facing some criticism that he may be harming the bees, Trainerbees spent two whole years researching this just to ensure that what he was doing was ethical.

Current Usage And Known Health Benefits Of Cannabis Honey

The practice of infusing honey is over 3,000 years old, going back to the ancient Egyptians. Honey is an extremely versatile base with potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. By itself, it’s popularly used for dressing wounds, skin care and as a cough suppressant. When combined with the various medicinal effects and therapeutic benefits lying dormant in cannabis plants, there’s no limit to the number of ways it can be used. Currently, cannabis honey is used in tea to soothe a sore throat, spread on toast or even added into post workout shakes as a natural sweetener.

More Natural Flavors From True Blue Terpenes

While “cannahoney” may not be readily available to the public, there are still ways to naturally enhance your marijuana experience. True Blue Terpenes offers the best THC-free strain inspired pure terpenes and natural flavors that are produced with the finest quality, food-grade extracts. If you’re looking for something as sweet as honey, check out our natural flavors Birthday Cake or Bubble Gum, our our sweeter pure terpenes like Banana Kush or Super Lemon Haze.

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