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How do I use your terpenes and/or flavors with my cannabis concentrate products?

Our food-grade terpenes are very soluble in cannabis concentrates especially refined oil. We recommend applying light heat (just enough to allow the concentrate to absorb the terpenes) and mixing thoroughly for a few minutes. That's it!


How much should I use?

We recommend starting with a 3% concentration of cannabis terpenes and then increasing in 0.5% or 1% increments up to 6% by weight depending on personal preference. Because our food-grade terpenes are less viscous than water, 1ml of terpenes equals approximately .85 grams. 1 drop of terpenes using the supplied plastic pipettes is approximately .02ml or .017 grams.


Are there any storage requirements and what's the shelf life?

We recommend that our cannabis terpenes be kept at room temperature or lower away from any excess light or heat. For long-term storage, we recommend refrigeration. Our food-grade terpenes have an approximate shelf life of 6-12 months.


Are there any additives or fillers in your cannabis terpenes or flavors?

Absolutely not! True Blue cannabis terpenes are made with pure, food-grade terpenoids and flavors only!


Are cannabis terpenes safe to consume?

Terpenes are widely used in the food and fragrance industry, and recognized as safe for consumption although we do not recommend exceeding 8% concentration as it may produce undesirable effects at very high levels. Please consult your physician for any medical related advice.


Do your cannabis terpenes contain any THC, CBD or CBN?



Are your terpene blends made with cannabis?

No, our terpene blends are formulated using the highest quality, food-grade terpenes isolated from natural sources.


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