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3 Festive Flavors For Your Marijuana Edibles This Holiday

Posted by True Blue Terpenes on

Step aside gingerbread men and candy canes...there’s a new treat in town! If you’re mixing up a batch of marijuana edibles for the holidays, don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate the flavor and effects with our flavorings made from pure terpenes.

People have been making marijuana edibles almost as long as they’ve been enjoying its medicinal effects. For many people, eating marijuana is a better method for dosing than smoking or vaping. Why? Because some people simply don’t like the effects of inhalation and others simply don’t have the privacy to ingest it using a bowl or vaporizer.

For these people, marijuana edibles provide a healthier, more discreet alternative to smoking. Edibles can be made in big batches and kept in the fridge. Edibles are also very easy to transport. But why mix the same “leafy” tasting marijuana brownies or candies that everyone else has, when you could infuse your edibles with the festive flavors of the holidays?

Keep reading to discover three of our most holiday-appropriate marijuana flavors, as well as tips for including them in your favorite edible recipe. Whether you’re a home baker or making edibles on a commercial scale, pure marijuana flavorings from True Blue Terpene Technology are the way to set your product apart.

Marijuana Flavors That Are Perfect For The Holidays

  • Candy Cane - Nothing screams “the holidays are here” like the fresh, peppermint flavor of a candy cane. It’s no wonder everyone goes cuckoo for peppermint schnapps and candy cane-flavored lattes this time of year! Now you can get in on the red and white-striped action with Candy Cane marijuana flavors from True Blue.
  • Banana - Was Grandma’s banana creme pie your favorite item on the holiday dessert table as a kid? Relieve the pleasure of scooping up a big bite of pudding and Nilla wafers with marijuana edibles made with our banana flavoring.
  • Chocolate Raspberry - Do you crave all things chocolate during the holidays? Maybe your mom always made a big batch of fudge on Christmas Eve, or maybe your Aunt’s Chocolate Roll was the highlight of Thanksgiving dinner. Either way, you can infuse your next batch of edibles with the same glorious taste thanks to our Chocolate Raspberry marijuana flavoring.

Tips For Flavoring Your Marijuana Edibles

Now that we’ve got you excited about the festive marijuana flavorings available in the True Blue shop, let’s finish with some tips for making a successful batch of edibles.

Extract With Fat - Just about every cookie, cake, or candy recipe requires butter and when you’re making edibles, the easiest way to add marijuana is by turning it into a fat substitute. Follow your favorite cannabutter recipe or simply Google “how to make marijuana butter” for a how-to guide.

Highlight Your Strain - When choosing a marijuana flavoring for your edible, think about the strain of weed that was used to make your butter. Do some research on what terpenes and flavors exist in that strain naturally, then choose flavorings that will compliment them

Think About Medicinal Effects - Our marijuana flavors aren’t just about taste, although they certainly add a great deal of that. Our terpene and flavoring products can also be used to elevate the medicinal qualities of your chosen strain.

Questions? Feel free to contact us. Otherwise, start shopping for festive marijuana flavorings in our online store today!

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