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Four Historical Figures Who Smoked Weed

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For thousands of years, humans have been enjoying the medicinal and social benefits of marijuana, and this includes many notable historical figures. Today, we’ve decided to do a little history lesson and discuss some of the most famous, influential, and surprising weed-smokers in history.  

To take it one step further, we’ve taken the liberty of suggesting which of True Blue’s terpene flavors they would have loved to get their hands on.

George Washington

You probably remember from high school history class that George Washington, founding father of the United States, cultivated tobacco at his Mount Vernon farm - but your teachers may have left out that he also grew marijuana on his land. Part of this was because the hemp plant fibers could be spun into strong rope and sails for ships. But Washington was also a big proponent of the medicinal properties of marijuana, and probably enjoyed the psychoactive side effects as well.

George’s Preferred Flavor: This one is easy. Remember the old myth about George chopping down that cherry tree? If he were alive today, he could have just enjoyed some of our Cherry Natural Flavoring and avoided the hassle of retrieving the sweet cherries himself!

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria ruled England from 1837-1901, and was known for reaping the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Her royal doctor, Sir Russell Reynolds, prescribed Her Royal Majesty marijuana to ease menstrual cramps, putting her in a better position to reign.

Victoria’s Most Likely Terpene: For Her Royal Majesty, we would suggest our Granddaddy Purple Terpene. Though for the Queen, we might change the name to Grandmummy! Victoria had nine children, all of whom married into royal and noble families, earning her the nickname “The Grandmother Of Europe.” Purple is also associated with royalty, making this weed flavor perfect for Victoria.

Alexandre Dumas

Alexander was a 19th century French writer most famous for giving us The Three Musketeers, but he was also a huge weed advocate. Everyone in France at the time was getting high, but Dumas took it one step further when he started a club where members could come try out new strains of marijuana.

Alexandre’s Preferred Terpene: For Mr. Dumas we would suggest our Blue Dream Terpene. This terpene has creative effects, which is vital for a writer of Dumas’ level. This terpene also has a sweet blueberry-like flavor, which reminds us a bit of French pastries.

William Shakespeare

If you’ve read any of The Bard’s plays or sonnets, you probably would not be surprised that he benefited from the creative effects of weed. Researchers found pipes on Shakespeare’s property with traces of marijuana, and the poet even references a “noted weed” in his poems.

Will’s Terpene of Choice: This one was a little harder, but ultimately, for The Bard we would suggest Skywalker OG Terpenes. These weed flavor drops combine strong relaxation and pain-relieving effects with a spicy, herbal scent. Basically, with how much Shakespeare wrote in his lifetime, we’d imagine he had some hand pain and high-stress levels, so this terpene is ideal. Also, we know how much Shakespeare liked talking about “star-crossed lovers” and assume he had an affinity for anything space-related.

Channel Your Favorite Historical Figure With True Blue

Whether you’re channeling the creative prowess of Dumas and Shakespeare, or testing out the leadership skills of Washington and Victoria, True Blue’s pure, food-grade terpenes and natural flavors can enhance cannabis products without adding any additional psychoactive effects. Shop our entire selection today!

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