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Four Patriotic Terpene Combinations for Fourth Of July

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At True Blue Terpenes, we love exploring new flavor and aroma combinations to enhance your cannabis products. We are always researching the science of terpenes found in cannabis to find new flavors and scents to bring to our customers, but we also want you to get those creative juices flowing by mixing and matching pieces from our vast collection.

Why Combine Flavors?

With so many tasty strains and natural flavors available from True Blue, why not get exactly what you want from your weed? We’ve dedicated our careers and countless hours to providing customers with the finest strain-specific cannabis terpenes and flavors so you might as well discover some new flavors yourself.

Flavor Combinations Perfect For Independence Day

A couple months ago, we gave you three flavor combinations to get you through winter and help break into spring. Today, we’d like to add a few more marijuana flavor combinations to your repertoire. Since it’s almost the Fourth of July, we wanted to suggest a few patriotic flavor combos to get you ready for the fireworks.

  1. Sour Apple + Girl Scout Cookies - This is our take on Mom’s Apple Pie, if Mom is also really into marijuana flavor combinations. The tart Sour Apple combined with the sweet flavors of Girl Scout Cookies makes this the perfect summer treat.
  2. Strawberry Cough + Banana Kush + Blueberry Pie - A classic red, white, and blue combination that will make your weed taste like a berry and banana smoothie - perfect for a hot Fourth of July.
  3. Bubble Gum + Blue Dream - Recreate the taste of sweet and sticky blue raspberry cotton candy with this weed flavor drop combination. The Bubble Gum adds sweetness and a bit of nostalgia, while Blue Dream packs it heavy with the berry flavors.
  4. Skywalker OG + Pineapple - Head to a tropical galaxy far, far away by combining our spicy and herbal Skywalker OG Terpenes with some sweet Pineapple Natural Flavoring. The tangy pineapple flavor balances out the herbal flavors in Skywalker OG and is the perfect combo for watching fireworks!

High-Quality Marijuana Flavors From True Blue

Tons of companies try to sell you marijuana flavor drops without advertising that their products are full of fake and potentially toxic ingredients. True Blue’s terpenes and natural flavors contain no THC or CBD, and are produced with the highest quality, food-grade ingredients. So whether you’re adding our drops to your vaping devices, or getting creative with edibles, you know you’re indulging in pure terpenes and natural flavors.

Get Creative And Make Your Own Flavor Combinations Today!

If you’re looking for creative ways to add our suggested flavors to your cannabis products, check out our blog about weed edibles. Since these are sweet flavors, we’d suggest indulging in some marijuana-infused ice cream, brownies, or chocolate covered strawberries. Just add a few drops of each of these flavors to the mix, and you’ll have a patriotic Fourth of July treat that you won’t soon forget. If these flavors aren’t your style, check out our full selection to find the perfect match for your taste buds - AND your cannabis buds! (Sorry to end on a lame pun, we won’t do it again.)

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