Love The Flavor Of Marijuana? Here Are 4 Chefs You Should Meet

There was a time that cooking with marijuana meant grinding up some cannabis flower (probably some really gnarly shwag) and simply mixing it into your favorite brownie or cookie recipe. While this was adventurous at the time, edibles flavored with marijuana in this way lacked both potency and a pleasing texture in the mouth. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

The Growing Interest In Marijuana-Flavored Foods

Spurred on by growing social and political acceptance in America, cannabis has become a culinary delight. Much of this exploration has been facilitated by a greater understanding of the entourage effect, a scientific principal that has illuminated the power of cannabis as “whole plant medicine.” This means that the active compounds in cannabis--THC, CBD, and terpenoids--are more powerful and effective when consumed in concert rather than isolation.

It’s for this reason that pure terpenes have become so desirable as a way to restore both flavor and therapeutic potency to marijuana products. If you enjoy the flavor of marijuana and want to find a safe way to add them to edible products, shop our full selection today.

If you’d rather have someone else do the recipe testing for you, keep reading. We’ve rounded up five of today’s top marijuana chefs, many of whom have written stunning cookbooks that will allow you to explore the world of terpenes with confidence.

Melissa Parks - Author Of Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking Cannabis

Trained at Le Cordon Bleu, Parks has serious cooking chops regardless of what ingredients she’s working with. It just so happens that Parks is passionate about creating cannabis-infused meals for those who DON’T enjoy the flavor of cannabis.

Jessica Catalano - Author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution

Catalano was experimenting with marijuana-flavored foods long before it was fashionable. As such, she’s one of the industry’s most experienced cannabis chefs, teaching classes and judging the edible categories at High Times’ U.S. Cannabis Cup. Catalano’s classes help herbal chef entrepreneurs understand the intricate techniques used to create upscale, cannabis meals and the importance of accurate dosing of both marijuana and its terpenes.

Chris Kilham - Author of Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

Kilham brings the science back into cannabis cooking, with roots in ethnobotany. Kilham has written 14 books and is an indigenous medicinal plant educator. “Why would you want to get the cannabis flavor out of your foods? I would never recommend such a thing!” exclaims Kilham. “The aroma and fragrance of cannabis offers a profusion of aroma sols, various fruity, spicy, skunk, floral and other emissions that tease the mind through the senses of smell and taste. Embrace the nuances of cannabis as an ingredient. This is a big part of cannabis cookery,” Kilham told Culture Magazine.

Chris Sayegh - Author of The Herbal Chef Blog

Known as The Herbal Chef, Sayegh travels around America creating cannabis “experiences” for people using his masterful knowledge of marijuana flavors. He’s even launching a line of marijuana-infused frozen dinners focused on providing culinary options for cancer patients who are using cannabis to meet nutritional and pain management needs.

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