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Pure Terpenes Restore Flavor To Refined Cannabis Products

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There was a time when enjoying cannabis meant finding someone who was selling or growing flower, putting it into a device that would allow you to ignite the raw flower with a flame, and inhaling the smoke that resulted from this mini pyrotechnical event.

Unfortunately, what cannabis users didn’t realize back in the day was that they were inhaling an awful lot of organic matter along with the beneficial aspects of vaporized cannabinoids and terpenes.

With the growing acceptance of cannabis use for both medical and recreational purposes has come a new generation of cannabis entrepreneurs. These botanists, chemists, and food scientists have given rise to several entirely new methods for enjoying cannabis, including extracts like hash, oil, rosin, wax, and shatter.

The Growing Popularity Of Refined Cannabis Products

In a market that has traditionally been dominated by cannabis flower and edibles, extract products are enjoying a meteoric rise to power. In early 2016, the CEO of OpenVape, a company currently dominating the cannabis oil and vape pen markets, declared that concentrates  would be more popular than cannabis flowers by 2017. “He went on to note that people take daily vitamins and minerals to be healthy, and he sees room in that market for THC or CBD delivered via cannabis extracts,” reports The Cannabist.

What Your Refined Cannabis Products Are Missing

Various methods are used to create cannabis extracts but they can generally be broken down into solvent and solventless extractions. Popular solvents for creating extracts include controversial substances like butane and propane, as well as solvents that are generally accepted as safe, like CO2, and alcohol. Solventless extractions do not introduce any foreign substances (except for water).

Especially with regard to cannabis products made using solvents, it’s important to realize that a significant portion of the plant’s terpenes can be lost in the process. In some cases, this can drastically reduce the smell, taste, and medicinal fortitude of the cannabis, because, as we’ve discussed in other blogs, cannabis products are at their most potent and beneficial when cannabinoids and terpenes are consumed simultaneously.

Pure Terpenes Put The Life Back Into Your Cannabis Products!

Why waste your time and money on concentrates that have been stripped of their beneficial terpenes? Restore the vim and vigor to your cannabis oils, waxes and shatters with the food-grade terpenes we offer here online.

Made only with the finest, naturally-derived terpenes, True Blue makes it easy to replace these organic hydrocarbons known as terpenes that may have been lost during the processing of your favorite concentrate. Not to mention the flavor and aromas that may have been stripped thanks to a refining process that leave virtually none of the valuable terpene content behind. 

True Blue offers terpene profiles that replicate a wide variety of today’s most popular and tasty strains, including Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough. The aromas and flavors of these food-grade terpenes will demonstrate exactly what you’ve been missing by using concentrates instead of flower, but instead of forcing you to inhale a bunch of organic matter to enjoy this flavor, our pure terpenes allow you to get the best of both worlds.

Buy terpenes online from True Blue today!

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