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Smoke Your Dessert With Pure Tangie Terpenes From True Blue

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Here at True Blue Terpenes, we’re dedicated to elevating your daily life experience, whether you choose to indulge in cannabis concentrates or you’ve switched to e-cigarettes as a way to protect your health. We believe that the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant shouldn’t be something that’s reserved for cannabis enthusiasts. That’s why we’ve worked hard to isolate, extract, and replicate the terpenoids that give cannabis its intense flavor and aroma, not to mention many of its medical benefits. By making pure terpenes available to the general public in a legal and affordable manner, we know that we’re helping to spread better health and improve moods all over the world!

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Do you ever have intense cravings for something sweet after you’ve eaten a delicious meal? This desire for sugary foods typically strikes just a few minutes after you push back from the table, declaring that you can’t fit another bite into your already-bulging stomach. Right about the time that your friends are reaching for coffee or a nightcap, you’re rummaging in the fridge looking for dessert.

Why Do We Crave Sweets After A Big Meal?

If your New Year’s resolution was to eat healthy and lose weight, these after-meal cravings for dessert aren’t very helpful. So why do they occur at a time when we’re clearly not hungry? The answer may be found in our brain chemistry.

“Some evidence suggests that consuming sugar (or other simple carbohydrates) can enhance the absorption of the amino acid tryptophan found in some foods,” explains Live Science. “The tryptophan then enables an increase in the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of well-being.” So in essence, our brain chemistry associates sugar with being well, and asks for some to help transition from eating to resting.

Reactive hypoglycemia (a condition that occurs one to four hours after a carbohydrate-rich meal), digestive enzyme deficiencies, low levels of the hormone glucagon, and sensitivity to epinephrine are also possible causes for this craving.

Pure Terpenes Can Soothe Your Cravings Without The Calories

Of course, stuffing a big slice of cake or a bowl of ice cream into your stomach before it has even had a chance to digest the steak you had for dinner isn’t very smart. So why not soothe your sugar cravings in a way that you won’t regret?

Dieticians, nutritionists and personal trainers usually recommend a tall glass of orange juice to settle a sweet tooth. Or if it's summer and you have a bar in the house, an Orange Crush cocktail. But it isn't always the right time of year for oranges, or the right time of day for vodka! That's why here at True Blue, we suggest indulging in a treat that’s sweet but calorie-free… like a joint or e-cigarette that’s been enhanced with pure Tangie terpenes!

Food-grade Tangie terpenes are known to deliver happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic, and relaxed feelings coupled with sweet citrus flavors that many people associate with oranges or...duh...tangerines!

Pure Tangie terpenes are the same as those that are found in the Tangie strain of cannabis, only you can enjoy them without ingesting any THC or CBD, which means it’s completely legal regardless of where you live and you never have to worry about unwanted psychoactive effects.

If you haven't got a healthy recipe handy for dessert--or any wholesome, juicy fruit stocked in the pantry--you don't have to settle on a tub of ice cream. If you crave an Orange Julius or an orange creamsicle after dinner, pure Tangie terpenes are the perfect zero-calorie solution! Shop our full selection of pure terpenes online today.


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