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Strawberry Blue - A Distinctive Hybrid

Posted by Daniel Gordon on

Perhaps the most important distinction between different strains of cannabis is whether it’s a sativa or an indica. Put simply, sativas lift you up and indicas mellow you out. Every marijuana user has their own personal preference. But what if you want some combination of both effects? Like a strain that will give you a cerebral, creativity-enhancing experience while also giving you a bit of couch lock. That’s where hybrids come in. Hybrids strains are a cross between sativa and indica parent strains and they’re some of the most sought after strains on the market. You may have heard of White Widow or Strawberry Kush, which are some of the most famous sativa-dominant hybrid strains in the world. In this article, we’re going to focus on a Strawberry Blue, a tasty strain with a plethora of medicinal effects.

Where Did Strawberry Blue Originate?

The story of Strawberry Blue cannabis begins with World of Seeds, a prominent purveyor of cannabis seed products. These growers crossed Strawberry, a sativa-dominant hybrid from the Netherlands, with the legendary New Blue Line strain to produce a sativa-dominant strain that is known as a jack of all trades for its broad, multifaceted effects and flavor. Strawberry Blue is also a perfect strain to grow at home as it flourishes both indoors and outdoors and is ready to harvest after just 9 weeks. The plant is notable for its characteristic blue-tinged frosty trichomes and long, thin buds.

But How Does it Taste? How Will I Feel?

This strain is notable for its bouquet that combines the aroma of strawberry with other subtler berry notes like raspberry and blueberry. This pairs nicely with its sativa effects that will give you a substantial head-high without being overpowering for new users. Strawberry Blue will enhance your concentration and leave you feeling euphoric, without impairing your functionality. These sativa effects are complemented by its subtler indica effects which offer an enjoyable full-body relaxation that can help get you through a stressful day or just chill with your friends.

Strawberry Blue is also very well known for its medicinal uses, which are great for treating depression, anxiety, and stress. Its delicate balance of sativa and indica lifts patients’ mood while also giving them that extra boost of energy. This also makes it useful for dealing with chronic body pain. Whatever you’re ailment, chances are Strawberry Blue can help.

A Look Under the Microscope

This peculiar blend of flavor and effects exists in large part thanks to its unique cannabinoid composition. In the following section, we have a quick breakdown of the typical makeup of this kush strain.

According to MCR Labs, Strawberry Blue Contains The Following Cannabinoids:

THC (1.4%)
CBD (<0.1%)
CBN (<0.1%)
THCa (15.9%)
CBDa (<0.1%)
Δ-8 THC (<0.1%)
CBGa (0.1%)
THCv (<0.1%)
CBDv (<0.1%)
CBC (0.1%)
Total Cannabinoids (17.5%)

As you can see from above, this marijuana strain is very heavy in THC which reflects its sativa-dominant properties.

Other Sativa-Dominant Strains

We’re always working to expand our line of strain profiles. While we don't carry Strawberry Blue, here are some other sativa-dominant strain profiles we have to offer:

Strawberry Cough
Blue Dream
Sour Diesel
Gorilla Glue #4

No matter what you’re in the mood for, something fruity, something savory, or something with a diesely kick, we’ve got the strain profile for you.

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