What Is The "Entourage Effect" Of Pure Terpenes?

If you’ve been conducting any amount of research into the benefits of terpenes or the amazing selection of terpenes that are available from the cannabis family of plants alone, it’s likely that you’ve encountered the term “entourage effect.” No, we’re not talking about what happens when you smoke too much and end up binge watching two seasons of the popular HBO series in one night. We’re talking about what happens when you consume “whole plant medicine” rather than isolated concentrates, topicals, or edibles.

In order to fully understand the entourage effect, we must take a little journey back through time to the early days of cannabis research. If you’re eager to start experiencing the benefits of the entourage effect in your own edibles, topicals, tinctures, and concentrates, shop our full selection of pure terpenes today.

Our food-grade terpenes are derived from natural sources that DO NOT include the cannabis plant itself, rather we sought out other, non-psychoactive sources of many of the same terpenes that are found in your favorite strains. This means you can add our pure terpenes to your favorite products to augment medicinal effect without worrying about over-the-top potency.

OK, now let’s flash back to the past to gain a better understanding of the entourage effect!

Raphael Mechoulam’s Failure Is Our Fortune

As it is with so many scientific breakthroughs, our understanding of the entourage effect started with a failure.

“In 1964, he became the first person to ever isolate THC by itself. There was a famous synthetic form of THC available by prescription named Marinol, used as treatment for patients who suffered chemotherapy, yet many doctors found Marinol a poor substitute for the real thing. Later research proved that all cannabinoids work simultaneously with one another in a therapeutic way, so that isolation of just THC had different effects as when grouped with other terpenes and cannabinoids,” reports Royal Queen Seeds.

Cannabinoids Aren’t The Only Active Ingredients In Cannabis

What Mechoulam’s failure helped scientists and cannabis enthusiasts to understand was that cannabis is more than the sum of it’s parts. Marijuana is a more powerful medicine when it’s consumed as a “whole plant,” or at the very least, in a form that preserves both the terpenoids and cannabinoids. The “entourage effect” then is this reality that pure terpenes have medicinal value in their own right, and by combining them with THC or CBD, both compounds become more effective.

Enhance The Entourage Effect With Pure Terpenes From True Blue

The entourage effect is one of the reasons that we’re so passionate about selling pure terpenes here at True Blue. We don’t think consumers should have to miss out on the full spectrum of therapeutic benefits of cannabis just because they prefer to use a CDB-only product, or because they prefer cannabis in processed forms like shatter or wax.

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