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You'll Never Find These Synthetic Ingredients In Our Pure Terpenes

Posted by Daniel Gordon on

The cannabis industry is exploding, giving rise to many would-be entrepreneurs with stars in their eyes. Many of these people are far more concerned with capitalizing on the exploding demand for marijuana-infused products and cannabis concentrates than they are with producing a high-quality product that’s safe for consumption.

As our name suggests, True Blue is not one of these fly-by-night producers. We are dedicated to producing terpenes and flavorings without cutting corners that might put your health at risk. That’s why we only create terpene and flavoring products for cannabis with 100% natural ingredients.

What Are Carrier Agents?

One of the things that sets us apart from other terpene manufacturers is that we never use the dangerous or synthetic carrier agents found in various e-cigarette liquids and vape juices. These are liquid substances that can be used to “carry” a fragrance or flavoring.

Here are two carrier agents you’ll never find in the terpene products for cannabis we sell here at True Blue:

  1. Propylene Glycol - This carrier agent is found in many personal care products like shampoo and deodorant, massage oils, food colorings, and hand sanitizers. PG is also used as an active ingredient in fog machines used in industry, nightclubs, and theaters. While declared “mostly safe” by the FDA, “habitual inhalation of aerosolized PG in industrial settings can lead to issues with the central nervous system, personality and behavior changes, and reduced spleen function,” reports Gizmodo.
  2. Medium Chain Triglycerides - Also known as MCT oil, this carrier agent is widely used as a flavor base in e-cig products but has been linked to lipid pneumonia--is a specific form of lung inflammation that develops when fats enter the bronchial tree--after long-term use.
Want to make sure that you never expose yourself to these potentially harmful carrier agents? Buy True Blue. Our pure terpene products and natural flavorings are only made with food-grade ingredients and naturally-derived flavors. Shop now!

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