Skywalker OG Terpenes


Brand: True Blue

Product Description

 Skywalker OG (Indica)

  • Spicy, herbal flavors
  • Relaxing, tingling, pain-relieving effects
  • No THC or CBD

Enjoy the essence of this popular indica-dominant hybrid strain when you indulge in pure Skywalker OG terpenes from True Blue, and travel to a galaxy far, far away! Just a few drops of our food-grade terpenes will add the spicy, herbal aroma of this marijuana strain to your favorite edible or vaporizing device, without adding any additional psychoactive side effects. If you’re looking to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Skywalker OG cannabis without a trip to the dispensary, our terpenes are the answer. As always, our Skywalker OG terpenes are produced with the finest quality ingredients and zero toxic additives. Buy your terpenes now!

  • Available in 5 ml or 50 ml containers
  • Stays fresh for 6-12 months
  • Easy to use!

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