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Our Pure Terpenes Make Holiday Shopping Easier!

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Can you hear that? It’s the sound of jingle bells in the distance. The winter holidays will be here before you know it, which means you’ll soon be scrambling to find the ideal present for each person on your list.

Whether you’re a person who enjoys cannabis products or the owner of a cannabis retail location that’s looking to offer your customers something new this holiday season, we encourage you to consider the pure terpenes available right here at True Blue.

With the help of our terpenes, you can enhance concentrates, elevate edibles, and energize cannabis flowers that may have lost some of that pungent aroma we all know and love. Avoid the long lines at the big box stores and take care of all your holiday shopping right here in the True Blue store.

Give Your Cannabis-Loving Friends The Gifts They Really Want

Sure, you could buy your friends a book, another winter scarf, or even a gift card to their favorite restaurant, but if your friends enjoy cannabis as much as you do, nothing will compare to the joy they’ll feel when they find pure terpenes from True Blue in their stocking this year.

The great thing about our pure terpenes and natural weed cannabis flavoring is that while they may be found in cannabis, they’re not derived from cannabis. This makes it easy (and completely legal) to buy terpenes online and ship them to your friends all around the country.

Getting excited? Good. Keep reading to learn just three ways that True Blue is making your holiday shopping a piece of cake this year.

Gift The Gift Of Pure Terpenes (And Terpene Accessories!)

Build your Own Flavor Pack - Not sure which food grade terpenes to choose for your friends who indulge in cannabis products? Create your own sample pack of five different flavors so they can try them all! You (or a friend) will receive 1 ml bottles of any five flavors in our store.

Edible Flavorings - They say the best gifts are those that are made with your own two hands. That’s doubly true for marijuana edibles. If you’re mixing up some homemade baked goods or candies this holiday season, why not infuse them with these festive flavors?

We hope this article has helped you to see how easy your holiday shopping can be with the help of food grade terpenes and cannabis flavorings from True Blue.

Once you’ve found something for every cannabis connoisseur on your list, why not add a little something for yourself? You deserve a present for making the smart decision to shop at True Blue.

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